Shishir Acharya

Hello everyone,
I am Shishir Acharya, An ACCA Student currently studying in Applied Skills Level at
certified college of accountancy (CCA). In my point of view, ACCA is a qualification
which world needs right now as it is forward- looking and opens door to
numerous opportunities for successful career growth across the globe.
Talking about my ACCA journey, I feel myself immensely lucky to be the part of
CCA family. The entire team is very supportive and well experienced lecturers
genuinely care about students. Because of continuous guidance and resources
provided by the college, I was able to clear all of my examinations in very first
attempt and can you believe I am from science background? If there is anyone out
there like me who is unfamiliar with basic accounting concepts DON’T WORRY,
there are pre ACCA classes to guide you.
Finally, I recommend ACCA to everyone who wants to explore the variety of
national and international opportunities in the field of accountancy & finance.

Diwas Silwal

I would like to appreciate the placement cell at CCA for the efforts they
made for providing a fair and ample amount of chances to students. The
faculty members worked so hard on our overall development and
conducted boot-camps and extra classes for us to enhance our technical
and interpersonal skills. I am loving my time here at CCA and I feel proud
to be the member of CCA.

Kajol Kundu

It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of CCA. The entire
faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future.
My years at CCA have been a wonderful experience of learning with
prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire
faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me to count
myself into better professionals.

Subash Shrestha

I would like to appreciate the placement cell at CCA for the efforts they
made for providing a fair and ample amount of chances to us students.
The faculty members worked so hard on our overall development and
conducted boot-camps and extra classes for us to enhance our technical
and interpersonal skills. I loved my time here at CCA .

Birat Kunwar

Studying ACCA at CCA was the perfect for for me. Classroom environment
allowed me to focus and absorb more information. Classes were taught by
lecturers truly live and breathe the college. The teachers and staff showed so
much compassion and its high pass rate speaks for itself. CCA put me on a
path to excellence following my ACCA journey. I am currently working my
dream job and I am forever grateful for CCA to help get to this point today.

Urusha Thapa

From the beginning I wanted to study ACCA course from an institution which will help me to grow not only professionally but also personally. So, I figured out that the best way to achieve this goal was to join CCA. The three month session of CCA contributed the most in my ACCA journey as I could focus in only few papers at a time. I would definitely encourage a student who is considering joining the ACCA program at CCA.

Sujan Aryal

CCA not only has high standards for education. It also equips its students well with Soft skills needed in industry and society. I can truly say the skills and experience provided to me by CCA have allowed me to develop into a confident employer with increased skills and knowledge.

Bhuwan dhungel

Friendly learning environment with highly qualified teachers and producer of Nepal as well as world rank holders have always been hallmarks of CCA. It was a great experience studying at CCA and now I have the opportunity to bestow my knowledge and skills to younger generation as a faculty member at CCA.

Saroj khanal

Selecting CCA as learning institution for my ACCA journey is something I am really proud of. The learning environment, skilled management and the faculties provided are cherry on top. I would definitely recommend students to join CCA, you with would be a lot easier with CCA

Saroj Dangal

Selecting an institution where I could accomplish my dream to be ACCA was always a matter of dilemma, it was the wiser decision that I choose CCA as my learning provider to support throughout my ACCA journey. A friendly environment, innovative and dedicated management, and tutors are key attributes that made me inseparable from CCA and its team. I would definitely recommend individuals to join CCA as a learning partner on their ACCA journey.

Abhinay Kushwaha

CCA has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I was able to establish my leadership, time management and team skills; and enabled me to advance these skills to the whole new augment level. The faculty members and infrastructure of CCA is among the finest in Nepal and this is what stands out the most.

Sechan Devkota

I was fortunate enough to have studied from CCA & currently working as GCFO at F1 Soft International. I learnt and gained extensive experiences which helped throughout my studies in all my thick and thin.  I always look forward to connect back and also welcome everyone to CCA.

Nabin Dhakal

Looking back, I can certainly say that CCA was the most important milestone in shaping my career. Throughout the ACCA journey, I was challenged to discover capabilities that I never knew I had. Along with studies, the institution focuses on personality development which

helped me build a rewarding career. Currently, I am working in finance sector. It has been an

unforgettable journey since I joined CCA and I owe my success to my Alma Mater.

Sumit Adhikari

Despite lots of distraction from different institution made on my way before joining CCA, I feel great about my decision choosing CCA for my better career with the help of experienced teacher and assistance who are always there by our side to solve any difficulties in our study.

Sumit Purbey

Initially, I was in dilemma that which college I should pursue for ACCA. Now I totally appreciate my decision to join Certified College of Accountancy CCA. Friendly learning environment with highly qualified teachers encourage me to focus on my target. Here 3 month running session with the extra of assistant lecturer has built a new energy for the continuous hardwork. Pursuing this course I am able to build a good leader inside me.

Nitesh Biswas

Even now I recollect the day I joined ACCA at Certified College of accountancy (CCA) in parallel with the timorous fear and the hope for flourishing in the field of accountancy. Days passed by and along with studying I got to teach students as an assistant lecturer at CCA which helped me to acquire my experience together with spur to achieve preferable progressively. I feel blessed to have such motivating and reinforcing teachers and the students, who stir up me to pursue my ACCA career and erect a strong base in the field of accountancy. I'll always be relieved to join CCA for all the opportunities with the significant results.

Yunisha Poudel

I felt gratified to choose ACCA, a really absorbing subject. However,I was also puzzled about where to initiate; and afterwards I connected with the Certified College of Accountancy(CCA), which became the turning point of my life. CCA became the landmark to turn up and nurture my personality. I am able to progressively signify my leadership, time management and teaching skills, and have built a good leader inside me. I'll consistently be grateful towards CCA for assisting me onwards to accompany my dream with notable outcomes in ACCA.

Saiyama Khan

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I am glad that my journey towards being a professional accountant began by enrolling in CCA. Friendly environment of CCA and motivating teachers here have helped me walk through my journey towards ACCA with my full potential.

Manish Shah

The program is beautifully designed. Well managed learning environment and the way how main lecturer teaches and assistant lecturer supports in learning has helped me to develop my skill and knowledge towards ACCA.

Priyanka Dawadi

My vision to work in accounting field was cleared after I joined CCA. After completing high school in Science, I thought it is tough for me to compete in accounting field. But, the pre ACCA classes and help from my mentors helped me a lot. I am looking forward to completing my ACCA journey with the help of CCA family in the days to come and encourage others to do the same.

Sampada Giri

I will start off with my first experience in CCA. To be honest, I was very nervous and had dilemma regarding college. So, when I heard about CCA and visited, I found a friendly and cordial environment and the most important thing its education system. I am very satisfied with my decision. Sending my regards to the college for the excellence they have been serving.