Saiyama Khan

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I am glad that my journey towards being a professional accountant began by enrolling in CCA. Friendly environment of CCA and motivating teachers here have helped me walk through my journey towards ACCA with my full potential.

Manish Shah

The program is beautifully designed. Well managed learning environment and the way how main lecturer teaches and assistant lecturer supports in learning has helped me to develop my skill and knowledge towards ACCA.

Priyanka Dawadi

My vision to work in accounting field was cleared after I joined CCA. After completing high school in Science, I thought it is tough for me to compete in accounting field. But, the pre ACCA classes and help from my mentors helped me a lot. I am looking forward to completing my ACCA journey with the help of CCA family in the days to come and encourage others to do the same.

Sampada Giri

I will start off with my first experience in CCA. To be honest, I was very nervous and had dilemma regarding college. So, when I heard about CCA and visited, I found a friendly and cordial environment and the most important thing its education system. I am very satisfied with my decision. Sending my regards to the college for the excellence they have been serving.