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CCA Student Sushant Yadav Tops Globally Awarded Rs 51,000 from CCA College

Student Sushant Yadav

Sushant Yadav, a brilliant student from CCA College, has brought immense pride to his institution and the nation by securing the highest score worldwide in the December 2023 FM Paper examination of ACCA. With an outstanding 98 marks out of 100, Sushant emerged as the global topper, outshining students from across the world.

In recognition of his exceptional achievement, Manish Sharma, the Marketing Director at CCA, honored Sushant with a cheque of Rs 51,000 from the college.

The award is a testament to Sushant’s hard work, dedication, and academic excellence. Faculty members, peers, and college authorities gathered to laud his remarkable feat and congratulate him on his well-deserved success.

Expressing his gratitude, Sushant credited his lecturers, friends, and the college’s supportive environment for his outstanding performance. He acknowledged the unwavering guidance and encouragement he received, which played a pivotal role in his achievement.

CCA College has always been at the forefront of nurturing talent and providing a conducive learning atmosphere for its students. Sushant’s accomplishment is a testament to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and its efforts to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel on global platforms.

The college’s authorities, staff, and students alike expressed their heartfelt congratulations to Sushant and wished him continued success in his future endeavors. His achievement has set an inspirational example for aspiring students, motivating them to strive for greatness and leave an indelible mark on the academic landscape.

As the world celebrates Sushant’s triumph, CCA College takes immense pride in its student’s remarkable accomplishment, which has brought laurels to the institution and the nation

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